About Ñuu Rinconada 

Our Story

While Puerto Escondido is now considered a hub for remote workers, digital nomads, and online entrepreneurs, it wasn’t always this way.

When one of our founders, Caitlin, moved to Puerto 12 years ago, it was long before Starlink arrived to solve the connection and internet speed problems in Puerto. Not only that, there were frequent power outages, noise pollution and other challenges that made running her coaching business online extremely difficult.

Over the years of trying to seek the best places that offered privacy for her client sessions and a productive, focused place for her other business and administrative tasks, and drawing from her previous experience of working online as a consultant before moving to Puerto, Caitlin developed a good sense of what was needed for an ideal workspace.

The problem was, it didn’t yet exist in Puerto Escondido - so she set out to create it.

Partnering with the architecture firm Quantia (with whom she is also developing the coliving and coworking space Ñuu Puertecito), we designed a beautiful, environmentally-friendly, and professional workspace - essentially the office space that we all dreamed of and wanted to work from.

We believe that we have created something unique and special, and we invite you to come be a part of our community.


Benito Juárez 47, Rinconada, 71983 Puerto Escondido, Oax.

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