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I first visited Puertecito, a small fishing village 25 minutes from Puerto Escondido, in early 2018. It immediately felt like home.

I first visited Puertecito (a small fishing village 25 minutes from Puerto Escondido) in early 2018. It immediately felt like home. While I had spent years visiting more beaches than I can count along the Oaxaca coastline, this one felt different. The profound peacefulness, constant ocean and mountain breezes, the expansive spaces and wide-open vistas, the tidal pools forming natural swimming holes full of tropical fish, the spectacular sunrises and sunsets…..I could go on and on.


Having lived in Puerto Escondido since 2010, during which time I hosted numerous retreats, workshops, and experiences, I was familiar with many different vacation rentals and luxury homes. While the spaces were beautiful, there was always something missing. I found myself starting to dream about creating an ideal space for gathering, healing, and transformative experiences that was not only beautiful but thoughtfully designed and environmentally protective.

I found the land in 2018 and became owner in 2019 when I received the acta de possession, which is the land title. The following year was spent dreaming and connecting with others who helped shape the vision. By early 2020, the plans had grown to include a coworking space. This was a natural evolution given that I had been working remotely since 2006 (before it was a “thing”) and one of our co-founders was working as the CFO for a successful start-up and co-working space in Toronto, work she could do remotely from Mexico while she shared her time between Canada and here.

Then the pandemic hit and we had to put the plans on hold. But as time progressed we began to understand that what we envisioned was exactly what people in this changing world are looking for; more peaceful open spaces surrounded by nature, more ethical options focused on environmental sustainability, more community, and more quality experiences.

2021 brought a boom to this region and we are seeing unprecedented growth here and in the outlying areas.  Over the next few years, rapid and unregulated development could occur without infrastructure and community planning in place.

Our vision extends beyond ñuu as we commit to demonstrating what is possible when creating new developments and communities.

Our team has already been invited to work with the municipal government of Puertecito to advise on city planning. The community bungalow will be a working prototype setting the standard for ecological and sustainable development, a new model for the region.


At ñuu, our commitment to sustainability is woven through all aspects of the development, from the building techniques and technologies used, to reforestation initiatives, to our events and programs. 

Community Focus

ñuu means community and our commitment to community means that not only do we attract a dynamic global through our guests, partners, and collaborators, but we also are nurturing the local community through our accessible programing. 

For All of Us

ñuu celebrates diversity in all of its iterations. We are proud of our inclusivity, accessibility, and representation.

Interested in learning more about ñuu Puertecito.

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